Horses or Super Heroes??

There are some days when I see something that just breaks my heart.  However, there are things that instantly warm the heart.  I work for the Equestrian Center at Beverly Farm.  The Farm has its own Special Olympics Equestrian team.  Tonight we had practice for the team and animals never cease to amaze me.  Two of my family’s five horses, two of them are being used for the team. As I watched the practice I can’t help but be proud of my animals.  Niki and Tex were both complete rock stars.   It’s awesome that Niki can be totally chill for the team members but then I can get on her and she is a team roping machine and a NBHA World qualifying barrel horse.  They are always so awesome for the team.

I can’t leave out Blossom either.  Although she is not on the team she is a saint in and of herself.  I took her to Tunica, MS for a large barrel race, and then Tuesday she was so calm for my lesson girls and their sisters. Not every horse can go from a performance horse, reserve national champion, and borderline spaz to a calm babysitter.  It’s a blessing to be able to see my horses have such a positive impact on someone’s life, especially like she has changed and affected these girls. These girls have been through so much that just to be able to put a smile on their faces makes all the work that goes into being a horse owner worth it.  Today is September 13 and also Childhood Cancer Awareness Day in Childhood Cancer Awareness MONTH.  Please take the time to open your eyes and be aware to something other than pink ribbons.  I have known three beautiful children that have been cancer patients and only one of those can be called a survivor.  Take time to learn more about childhood cancers.


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