Winter Blues

Sledding!  Photo taken by Ariel Weinman
Sledding! Photo taken by Ariel Weinman

I’m officially tired of winter. With the snow that we are supposed to get and the already cold weather, I am ready for sunshine and water skis.  I’m so ready for spring and summer I have already began to fill my calendar with shows to take my lesson students to as well as run in my self. I’m ready to go out and have some fun not bundle up for going outside, constantly changing out horse blankets, and I’m also sick of breaking ice on water tanks and buckets all the time. The cold weather makes everything a little more complicated.  As far as on the farm water is an issue.  There is a constant battle to keep things from freezing.  Water buckets freeze very fast and since horses drink six to eight gallons of water a day.  Simple fix for this problem is heated water buckets and tank heaters for large tanks.  Since there is a hitch to also everything, water heaters pull a lot of electricity.  At home it’s not a big deal because we only have two heaters at a time running, however; at work (Beverly Farm Equestrian Center) there are six heaters plugged which is in the past is a circuit popping nightmare. It’s just one of those horrible.  Thankfully winter not year round and there are warm days on the horizon.  Although I hate the cold I would love some snow to go sledding in.  That’s my favorite thing about winter, well sledding followed by grandma’s hot coco.


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