Love and Hate relationship with the rain.

I know that we needed the rain and I have been hoping for lots of rain for a long time, but what I wasn’t hoping for a

Umbrella reflection in a puddle.
Umbrella reflection in a puddle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

flood. Last night when I went out to feed the horses dinner i was greeted by a puddle.  Not just any puddle.  It was really more like a large pond or a small lake.  It just so happened that this puddle led right up to my barn door and then inside.  The lake however did not stop there, it was also in my barn which translates to about six inches of water in my barn isle way.

When I saw this I know what had gone wrong.  The drainage pie that runs through the barn was clogged up on the other end.  This might not sound like an issues but  when the end of the pipe is covered with 6 inches of dirt, uncovering it in a thunderstorm  in the mud was a challenge.  It took me a while to get it all dug out but i finally cleared the pipe.  That was not the solution to all my problems.  Only so much of the water was able to drain out of my barn through that pipe.  I had to push the remaining water out with a big broom.  In an old, un-level  barn there it is an uphill battle to push water to a certain point.

With all that “drama” with the rain I am very glad we got it.  I don’t think a lot of people realize how bad the rural community is hurting from the lack of rain as well as how much everyone could be affected if the water in the river gets too low. Living in a farming community I know how much we need rain.  Many people who live in town don’t realize how much a lack of rain could have an effect on them.


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