Rachel Alexandra

Kentucky Oaks 2009
Kentucky Oaks 2009 (Photo credit: L.Burchfield)

Normally when you think of public relations one dose not think that a horse would have her own PR team.  2009 North American Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra is showing the world that not just people need good PR.  Rachel astounded the Thoroughbred racing world with her tight finished and especially with her win in the 2009 Preakness Stakes, one of the gems in the Triple Crown. Like all race horses, Rachel’s career came to an end with her 2010 retirement from the track.

With her retirement from the racetrack, Rachel started a new part in her life like most great race mares, being a broodmare. Broodmares basically are professional mothers in the equine industry.  In 2012 Rachel had her first foal by Curlin.  Jess’s Dream and mother were both happy and healthy after the birth.

This year things did not go as smoothly with the birth of her filly by Bernardini. Rachel received damage to her intestine and had to under go emergency surgery which left her very young filly orphaned.  Rachel’s young filly was assigned a nurse mare named Ojos.  Like much of the horse industry, especially the race horse industry, there is a lot of controversy around the nurse mares.  Just like many horses, many nurse mares tend to be professional nurse mares.  Rachel Alexandra’s team has been working not only to keep her healthy but also to put out the fires that have popped up around the situation.  There have been rumors stirring that the nurse mare’s own baby was killed so that Rachel’s baby could live as well as the assumption that all nurse mare farms are that way. The team at Stonestreet Farm has been working on not only showing the light on Rachel’s situation but also trying to improve the public’s view of the racehorse, breeding, and nurse mare industry



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