I am in love with Google right now.

I was looking for topic to write my blog about when I found something amazing.  I was poking around on google looking at how public relations is used in the equine industry mainly in horse racing.  With all the news about Rachel Alexandra and the throng following of  ‘Queen Z‘ it is very clean that public relations if necessary, even in the horse industry.  While I was looking for articles and I found a couple of websites that have inspired me.  I never thought about starting my own business but I think I may have found a way to blend my passion for the equine industry as well as my new career.  Bridgewater PR and Weighed in PR gave me the idea to maybe start my own consulting firm for racing farms, barns, and trainers, as well as others in the equine industry.   Growing up in the equine industry I know that people who have farms or horse related businesses don’t have time to run websites, make flyers, design brochures, and promote their business.  A public relations firm can help with that.  Most firms however don’t deal with the farming and equestrian industry. Since I am someone who has grown up in the industry, I may be able to help horsemen and business owners market their businesses.  Being able to talk to someone who understand what their businesses are all about can provide a sense of comfort.

Horse racing event
Horse racing event (Photo credit: tpower1978)

I don’t want to be totally emerged in the horse  industry, but being able to be a part of it and making it a part of my career could take doing something that I really like to do and turning it into a dream job.  A little research on Google can yield anything and everything.  I love that within the public relations field there is something for everyone.  Even for someone who has an interest in the horse industry.  I think that if someone has a passion for something in their life now they should be able to follow it in some way.  Although I might not be able to start a million dollar business, being able to do something that I love as part of my career would make it worth is.



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