Not a typical Spring Break…

Vetting (Photo credit: travis_warren123)

Many college students go away on their Spring Break from school.  Some go to Panama City Beach (PCB) or some other Spring Break destination hot spot.  I however spent much of my Spring Break on the computer researching a new adventure.

A little background to this tale.  In May 2012, at the NBHA Great Lakes Nationals, my horse Blossom tripped as we finished our run.  It was a bad stumble but she seemed fine after.  I didn’t think much of it.  However, for the next five months Blossom has been having issues with her left front off and on.  So she has been on vacation since October.

So this last Wednesday, March 6th, we headed over to the Mid Rivers Equine Centre in Wentzville, MO to have her looked at by Dr. Baxter.  The trip did not go at all like I had expected.  Blossom had obvious lameness on her left front.  Dr. Baxter used hoof testers to squeeze her foot to check for pain.  When she had a positive pain response he knew that the issues was somewhere in her foot.  He did a nerve block, which numbed a certain area of her foot, to see where the pain was coming from.  If she was not sore after the block then he knew where the pain was coming from.  When we had her trot her left from seemed to not bother her any more but it was her right front that she was sore on now.  Which meant that what we were dealing with was not an injury but an underlying problem that was inside her front hooves. After nerve blocks on her right front as well she was moving with no pain at all.

Dr. Baxter gave me a couple of options.  I could try a couple different treatments and see which one worked and then go from there. I could have him inject her coffin joint or they could take x-rays of her front feet to figure out for sure.  We took x-rays of her left front and discovered that her pain was coming from issues with her navicular bone. She has blood flow issues in her front feet causing the causing bone density problems in her navicular bone.  This was the last thing that I expected.  I thought sure Blossom was having issues with a torn ligament or maybe even a bone fracture or chip, never thought it would be a hidden, under lying condition.

With this discovery Dr Baxter recommended that we put special shoes on Blossom to help take some of the pressure off the affected bone.  We put her specials shoes on already.  They shoes add about 2 degrees of lift to the back of her foot to help relieve the pressure.  Also, she is now on isoxsuprine to help increase the blood flow to her hoof capsule.  I am also going to put her on TLC Equi Bone as well.  This product is supposed to help with inflammation  improve bone density, as well as aid in proper blood circulation. I am hoping that the Equi Bone will be able to replace the isoxsuprine or help the dose to be smaller.  I will be posting often about how Blossom is doing on the TLC as well as what we are doing with her corrective shoeing.



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