Running around….

In preparation for the Color Run 5K I have been running.  So far I have only had minor difficulties.  I have knee problems so dealing with that has been a challenge.  I have been using KT Tape

climbing with KT Tape
climbing with KT Tape (Photo credit: mariachily)

which so far I LOVE!  I tried the cotton KT tape and it did the job but the Pro is leaps and bounds ahead of the cotton tape.  I am shocked how good my knees feel after I go for a several mile run.  I wish I would have had this when I was in highschool and I was playing basketball and volleyball.  I had to deal with bulky knee braces then.  Even with the braces, I was still hurting after practice.  Now with the KT tape not only am I pain-free while I am running, I am also pain-free the next day.

Nike + is the most useful app I think I have ever downloaded.  Nike + is an app for runners to help them keep track of their distance and speed while running.  It even keeps track of averages of speed and distance for you.  It also lets you know when you have beat a personal best and helps you set goals to reach for.  I also love that I can sync it with my Daily Mile page as well.  Daily Mile is basically like Facebook for runners.  It’s not just for runners.  There are people on Daily Mile that lift weights, bike, swim  just about anything.  Friends can follow each other and cheer each other on.  I don’t have many friends on it but I like it because it will send me emails if I miss a couple workouts.  Daily mile keeps track of all of my runs including run on the treadmill not just the ones recorded by Nike +.

I am really looking forward to the Color Run. I have been looking into other 5K’s to run in the future.  Hopefully all goes well at the Color Run and I want to do it again.  I don’t think I am going to hate it.  I guess I will find out April 27.


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