Happy Birthday to me???

Well it has taken 22 years but my birthday finally fell on a Palm Sunday once again.  This was certainly a birthday to remember.  Typically on a birthday we go out to dinner, visit with friends, and maybe have a party at the house.  This year was much different. This year was -.  This year my home town ended up with almost 15 inches of snow. For some parts of the county this is just a dusting.  For this part of the country, this brought life to a halt.

Photo by Ariel Weinman
Photo by Ariel Weinman

My weekend started off in Colombia, MO at a Barrel Bash event.  As I communicated with my dad at home and consulted my Weather Channel app I soon realized that I needed to make the journey home before I became a stranded snow bird.  I was not happy I had to leave early and I was even less pleased when I woke up Sunday morning to see nothing but a slight dusting on the lawn.  Soon mother nature decided to show me just what she had in store for my birthday. When the snow began it was never ending   As it piled up we began to measure.  After loosing a couple of rulers we then resorted to a yard stick.  The count at the Weinman Farm was 15 inches of white, cold snow.

While many enjoyed their snow day on Monday, the task began for us to dig our way, and our animals way out of the snow.  Although myself and my small dog do not are not fans of the snow, my horses loved being able to play in the new powder.  Even though I wasn’t able to do the things that are normal birthday traditions.  I was able to experience one of the biggest storms, possibly of my life time.  As much as I enjoy sledding and playing in the snow, it would not hurt my feelings if I never saw this record broken.



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