Are you ‘engaged’?

While poking around the Weber Shandwick website they gave a young professional some rules to live by.  These pertain to writing as well as just professional life.

  1. Adapt. – Professional public relations writing used to be all about telling the people about what was going on.  
    English: Infographic on how Social Media are b...
    English: Infographic on how Social Media are being used, and how everything is changed by them. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Now it is more about getting the publics involved with what is going and get them to interact.  With the new forms of media copy needs to be written for interactive uses. 

  2. Don’t be a control freak. –  The days of feeding the public information are long gone.  Public relations professionals need to be able to let go of the control and join in the conversation rather than try to totally control it. Use the conversation to learn.  Being an active listener can help an organization see how their publics view them.
  3. Just another fish in the sea. – Don’t get upset that your Facebook page only has a couple hundred likes or that your newest YouTube video didn’t go viral in a matter of days.  The web is flooded with thousands, no, MILLIONS of videos, posts, and pages with new ones being added everyday.  That being said make sure that your video does  it’s job for those who do watch it.  According to Weber Shandwick over 80% of people don’t even get past the first 10 seconds of a video.  Their advice, be bold, brave and original.
  4. Is that glued to your hand? – Is your phone or tablet glued to your hand?  Well chances are your audience is just attached to their devices.  Make sure that your message is accessible on those platforms as well.
  5. Can you see what’s Incite? – Use a site to your advantage.  Use the creative things at the center of a campaign to help take it to another level. Make sure that different mediums can handle your creativity. The more creative the more your message will be shared with people.
  6. Look at the map! – Know where you are going on your campaign journey.  Know who your target is and create an adventure just for them.  Make sure that your campaign stays with the theme of your organization’s brand. Make sure there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a checkered flag at the end of the road.  Everything needs to have an ending. Just like a good movie or story.
  7. Be Contagious – Creating a viral video is not like writing a press release or a feature story.  You have to make sure that the video is not only worth watching but worth sharing over and over again and watching over and over again. Be creative, fun and most importantly original.
  8. Hello? Anyone home? – Pay attention to your audience!  Be a part of the conversation.  Being a part of the conversation can help you see how your message is getting out as well as see what mediums are working the best and which ones are not working so well.
  9. Be on your toes – You may think that being a PR professional is a 9-5 job only.  Things can come up at any second. You always have to be ready to step up and take care of the situation, especially with social media being open 24/7.  Conversations on Facebook and Twitter are always going on.  PR professionals need to keep an eye on social media all the time. The Conversation doesn’t stop just because you clock out for the day.
  10. PR is important too!!! – Some organizations think they can handle their own communication stuff.  Really they need professionals to handle it for them.  Engaging the publics is a full-time job not just a Facebook post here and there.  Knowing how to use all the different mediums can help a young professional be as marketable to sceptics as possible.



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