Spring is here!

There is so much going on around the Weinman Farm.  It’s a beautiful thing to watch come alive.  It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago there was 15 inches of snow on the ground.  There is never a dull moment around the farm.  Between my dad and I there was a truck or tractor moving at all times around the farm

Well the “drama” for my weekend started in Friday.  I noticed that my horse Rip had developed a mild case of hives on

Photo taken by Ariel Weinman
Photo taken by Ariel Weinman

her belly.  Nothing seemed really off she just had some hives.  Saturday however, things got a little crazy.  She is at my friends barn right now since the weather has been crappy.  He called me Saturday morning to let me know that she had gotten worse.  I gave her some banamine to help with the itching/pain. I had the vet look at her and he was baffled as well. Normally when horses get hives there is something that is a trigger.  The trigger can be a change in feed, routine  bedding, or even an allergic reaction to soap.  Rip has had no such changes.  He gave her a steroid shot as well as an anti-histamine shot.  She also has to have an antihistamine in her food twice a day as well.  Yesterday her hives cleared up and everything is good to go for now.  Hopefully after a couple weeks of a feed through anti-hist she should be good to go.

With the warm days of spring I finally get to start doing a little more garden planning. I started some tomato and cucumber seeds in my new mini green house that I got for my birthday. Yesterday my seeds came in the mail so I got those planted this morning.  I planted them in my Smart Pak packaging from my horses’ supplements.  I planted a little of every.  I have watermelon, cherry tomatoes, green peppersjalapeno peppers, pepperoncini peppers, zucchini, romaine and iceberg lettuce, carrots, and bush green beans.  I am so excited for them to start to grow so I can transplant them.  I should have started them earlier but I didn’t have a green house then.  So if worse comes to worse I will just have a later crop than most.  It will be a learning experience for sure.

Photo taken by Ariel Weinman
Photo taken by Ariel Weinman

This past weekend I got to see one of the places of my child hood get a much-needed face lift.  I took lessons at Heartland Stables growing up.  I was able to grow and learn as a kid.  After the barn fire of 2005 it just wasn’t the same.   When the trainers left several years ago the barn die in its own way.  No more lesson kids.  No more hour on end spent at the barn.  Just horses living there.  Some people tried to take it over for a while but that didn’t work. so for the last year the barn has set empty.  My friend Trent and his wife Kaitlin have taken over the barn.  Now under the management of Crossing ‘S’ Performance Horses, the spirit of Heartland Stables is starting to come back.  It is nice to see a place where I spent so much of my time as a kid being brought back to life.  They cleaned up the barn and did landscaping this weekend.  It’s amazing how just a little bit of TLC can totally change a place.  I’m excited to see where the future leads for Kaitlin and Trent.


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