PR nightmare saved by the storm

On April 10th there was a call at Boeing that there was a fire.  After further investigation it was confirmed that the

Boeing Logo
Boeing Logo (Photo credit: swanksalot)

chemicals that were present were chemicals involved with making methamphetamine.  It was hard to believe that someone would bring their meth lab to work with them, especially to a secure facility like Boeing. The new outlets were flooded with the reports of a possible meth lab at one of Boeing’s office buildings.

April 10th also held another surprise for the region.  A severe storm system ravaged the St. Louis area.  This storm produced weather that ripped large trees from the ground, sucked roofs off buildings and dropped several tornadoes which caused the most damage.  This storm seemed to wash away the mess that Boeing was dealing with.  Rather than reporting on the Boeing scandal  news stations were engrossed in the storm coverage.  Boeing’s luck didn’t stop there.  The wide-spread, local damage also gave the news stations something to talk about other than the Boeing meth fire.

While the story is still being covered, Boeing dodged a bullet thanks to a massive storm.  Boeing’s public relations department is cooperating with the press to still release information.  At the same time they are being slow to release the information so that they know the information going out to the public is true.  As the story has unfolded we have learned that there was not a meth lab in the building, but a disgruntled employee that wanted to frame a co-worker.

Boeing's commercial aircraft in Boeing Busines...
Boeing’s commercial aircraft in Boeing Business Jet livery. K63803 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think as time goes on a young professional will be able to look back on the Boeing meth lab incident and learn from it. All public relations professionals should take note of this issue.  You never EVER know what might happen within your company.  Boeing deals with government documents, jet planes and missiles.  Not meth lab materials.


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