It has been Color full around here!

Personal photo.
All Colored up!

The last few weeks have been totally crazy!  Between finals, farm stuff, being sick and the Color Run I have been going crazy! School is finally done for the semester.  Thank goodness. Thanks to the Color Run I am already looking forward to my next 5K.  It was so much fun.  Although it was raining and very cold, we still managed to have a good time.  I would have had even more fun if I had not started getting sick the days leading up to the race.  Running with a chest cold/head cold is not fun.  I lived to see another day and hopefully another 5K. I have not been able to run much the last couple weeks.  We have had more cold or wet (flooded) days than we have had nice days to run outside.  I can’t stand running on the treadmill (hamster wheel) so I have to try to run while the weather is nice.  That creates another challenge.  I also am trying to keep my good horse in shape for this season as well as get one fitted up to go to the trainer in a couple of weeks.  So by the time I have worked both horses I am out of daylight or time in general.  Hopefully the next week or so I am off school I can get more done.


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