Busy spring….

A bowl of Strawberries. Français : Un bol de f...
A bowl of Strawberries. Français : Un bol de fraises. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things around the farm been crazy. Between summer school, giving riding lessons, and general farm work I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I have been giving riding lessons at Crossing ‘S’ Performance Horses for the last couple months. I’m looking forward to taking my students to some shows this summer. I have a couple of students going to the Illinois State Fair Jr Horse Show. This will be the first time I will be going up a trainer/instructor and not an exhibitor. It feels wried.

This spring has not treated my garden to well.  Thanks to an over population of Canadian geese, my garden was devoured down to almost stubs.  With the help of some potato salad containers my garden is finally starting to catch up.  The geese finally moved on so that has helped my garden catch up as well. Last year I tried a container garden which showed me that not every plant can be grown in containers. After poking around on Pinterest I did find some valuable resources on different plants  that can be grown successfully in containers. This year I have straw berries, black berries, blue berries, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and lettuce. So far all my plants in the containers are doing quite well.

A quick over view how I am growing growing my container garden. I have been using

English: This is a picture of hands sifting th...
This is a picture of hands sifting through potting soil in a garden bed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

potting soil and the cheap 7 gallon tubs from Wal-Mart. (If you decided to use these tubes make sure you cut holes in the bottom so there is proper drainage.) hotmail.c


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