Container Blackberries.

Blackberry (Photo credit: Lastaii)


I have my blackberries growing in containers. If you have ever worked with blackberries before you know that they are greedy when it comes to space and they love to spread out. Growing them in containers let you grow blackberries on a limited spice and helps keep them in line. My berried are “trained” up a metal framework to support them. So far my blackberries have been low maintenance. This is going to be the first winter that I have to prune back my blackberry bushes. An important thing to remember when pruning a blackberry bush is that canes only produce fruit once, but they only produce fruit when they are two years old. Keeping a blackberry bush is pretty easy. As long as you give them plenty of water they will stay happy. I water mine every other day or everyday if it is very hot outside. Plants in containers dry out quickly when it is hot out side so don’t forget about them. This is the first year that my pants are going to produce berries. I am excited for them to ripen.  Hello blackberry cobbler!



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