Silver Spurs Rodeo

I was able to leave the cold temperatures of The Land of Lincoln for some time in the Florida sunshine. While down in the sunny state of Florida I was able to help the area get ready for the Silver Spurs Rodeo held in Kississmiee Fl. My self and the other queens went to school visits to get area kids excited for the rodeo. This was my first experience with school visits. It was so much fun teaching the kids all about rodeo.

Not only did we help promote the Silver Spurs Rodeo but our wonderful hosts had activities planned for us while we were down there to not only have fun but also to help us learn about the state of Florida. First we went to what used to be Mercury’s testing ground or “Lake X” to to do a challenge course that included a zip-line. We also got to learn about the wildlife and landscape of Florida. We then went for an airboat ride at Boggy Creek Airboat Rides and we were able to see alligators in the wild and hold a young alligator. We were also able to visit Gatorland and learn more about alligators and other animals. We were able to “wrestle” an alligator, hold a tarantula and a giant snake!

While at the Silver Spurs Rodeo I was able to represent Illinois while signing autographs and while making an appearance in all the rodeo performances before each rodeo performance. Riding in the rodeo performances was amazing, airboat riding was fantastic, and meeting all the creatures at Gatorland was once in a lifetime but my favorite part of my time in Florida has to be helping with the exceptional kids rodeo. I was able to help kids learn about rodeo while having so much fun. Being able to help kids have fun and learn about rodeo was amazing.

Florida was a once in a lifetime adventure and I can’t wait for my next adventure! Thank you to everyone that was involved with hosting the queens during our stay!


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