North to Iowa!

IMG_5909To say that the first two weekends in September are busy for rodeo fans is an understatement! Just the weekend after the Pioneer City Rodeo is the Tri-State Rodeo in Fort Madison, Iowa. This year has brought on so many new experiences and places. It has also caused me to say, “I’m going back next year!” That list is getting awful long! I am going to have a hard time narrowing it down next year!

Not only was the Tri State Rodeo going on but also was the Miss Rodeo Iowa Pageant. What a weekend!  Miss Rodeo Kentucky, Miss Rodeo Ohio and my self were able to head north and participate in all the festivities during the rodeo. Thank you Miss Rodeo Iowa Association for hosting us and taking such good care of us!

The rodeo was incredible as well as the community! You need to go to the Tri-State rodeo at least once to understand it. The grand entry is just that… it is GRAND! There are hundreds of horses, the queens from all over the mid-west and a giant American flag that is carried by a man that parachutes down to the area!  Yep! You read that right! Miss Rodeo Iowa, Hannah, and I were able to run a lap each night to represent our states that make up the “Tri-States” of the rodeo. I think after my year as Miss Rodeo Illinois is over I am going to have to start team sorting because my horse Blossom is growing rather fond of pushing cattle out of the arena for the cowboys.


I have to say, I am glad I was not a judge at the Miss Rodeo Iowa pageant this year. They had a fantastic group of ladies competing for the crown of Miss Rodeo Iowa and Miss Teen Rodeo Iowa. Getting to meet all the ladies, and their families was a great experience. I know the two ladies that were crowned will represent their state well. I hope they get to have as much fun along the way with their neighbor to the south as Hannah and I have had over this year.


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