Three cheers for the (professional) amateur rider

Totally sums up my equine career! There wasn’t someone giving my horses a bath on a show day at 5 am after staying up all night schooling and banding. Or someone to unsaddle my horse when my run was at midnight. No one wrapping my horses legs, picking, then feeding, and then schooling. Thank goodness my family that helps me Carry buckets, pick stalls and help hook up
the trailer when they go with me’Blossom and I waiting for our run at the IL NBHA State Finals

A Yankee in Paris

My alarm went off at 5:15am this morning, and as I drug a brush through my hair and threw food into my dog’s bowls, I began to wonder why it is that I do this?  While everyone else is enjoying a Sunday on the couch watching football, or doing a girls brunch with a mimosa, I am layering long underwear under my breeches in order to spend another frigid day at a winter schooling show.

I drove to the barn in the dark, slurping coffee and listening to sad country songs.  My high beams on, my truck and trailer the only rig on the back country roads to the barn.  And as the caffeine began to seep into my veins, I started to feel the same adrenaline and enthusiasm that come along with every other morning like this. The excitement over the possibility of the perfect round, the perfect test…

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