“Let me tell ya about my best friend!”


The fact that I am a dog lover is not a unique trait. I have three dogs. A dachshund, an Australian shepherd and an Australian kelpie/Catahoula/Australian cattle dog/border collie mix. Yes, we really know all that he is crossed with. Since some of those breeds might be new to some. I am going to tell you a little about each one starting with the least popular breeds. As I was started digging and researching more I decided to break this up into several different posts about each different breed because there is so much to learn it is too long for one post! Make sure to check back to learn more!

Arrow 2I got Arrow from a friend of mine who owns both of his parents and they are both working dogs. The first weekend in March I was able to participate in the working stock dpg clinic at the Illinois Horse Fair in Springfield, Illinois. The purpose of the clinic was help start, or fine tune your stock dog. Since Arrow and I are rookies at the whole herding thing it was a new adventure for us.  I think the part that stood out to me most was how it came so natural to him. Because he is a mix of several different herding breeds, we didn’t really know what was going to come out. When we first put him in with the sleep it was pretty clear that the Kelpie was the front runner! It was also neat to see how the other breeds came into play. He certainly has the heeler tendencies to nip at their heels to get them to move if they just stop and he isn’t afraid to run around to the head of the stock to stop them like the Catahoula.

The first breed I am going to introduce you to is the Australian Kelpie. The kelpie is also

kelpie 2.jpg
Photo by HNR Working Kelpies

known as the Australian Sheepdog or a Barb. They tend to be a lean, low to the ground dog that are very fast and energetic. They have what looks like a “German Shepard” type head with ears that stand straight up. They can come in black, red, fawn, chocolate and blue. They are high “drive”, high energy and they love to work. The excel at herding and are very trainable. If you are familiar with border collies, then you will understand the Kelpie. They like to keep stock packed together in a bunch and bring them to the handler. They are very loving and kind they can be protective of their owners and tend to be “one person” dogs. The breed is thought to be a cross between a dingo and a border collie, but more recent research and leans more toward that the breed was developed from the English north country collies.


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