A what kind of dog??

Did you know that the state of Louisiana has a state dog? That dog is the Catahoula, also Louisiana_Catahoula_Leopard_Dog_5395248 2know as the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog or Catahoula Cur. These dogs come in a wide range of coat patterns and colors. They are slick haired breed that has a broad and flat skull. Catahoula’s are very loving and affectionate dogs, but are extremely protective of their family and can be reserved to strangers. They need to be well socialized or they can be aggressive toward strangers in an effort to protect their family. The breed needs a strong and assertive “pack leader” that will take control as they are a strong willed breed.

catworking 2Catahoulas are known for the hunting abilities, especially when it comes to hunting wild hogs of the south. What some do not know is that they are also a herding breed. Their style of herding is to get to the head of the stock and stop it. They are high energy dogs that need a lot of exercise and attention. They are believed to have originated from the Nordic Wolfhound but no one really knows for sure. Because of their brave personalities, they are ideal for rounding up unruly cattle and tracking and stopping wild hogs.

arrows mom 2
Arrow’s mom Juice, a Catahoula.

As mentioned in my previous blog post it was interesting to watch all the different breed’s styles come out in Arrow even though the Kelpie was the most noticeable. Some dogs only want to push or only want to gather and they are not confident enough to go around and face off the stock. Arrow didn’t mind it a bit and really let his inner Catahoula out. Another thing that I noticed was he could tell the difference between strangers and people that I knew. I guess it was my body language because if I knew the person and was talking to the person he was ok with them giving him a pet or scratches. But if it was a stranger to both of us, he would be stand-off-ish and wouldn’t willingly go up for a pet. I got to learn a lot about that little dog in one weekend!


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